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IPC 200

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The IPC200 test bench is a complete system for testing the pump nozzles of the latest internal combustion engines. The single fuel injector can generate a maximum pressure directly in the injection system. The camshaft drives the pump components to compress the diesel oil. Before the device sprays, the computer activates the solenoid. The IPC200 test bench simulates the operating conditions of the engine, so that three pump nozzles can be tested in the same way. The IPC200 test bench can automatically detect the pump nozzles at three different speeds: 500rpm, 800rpm, and 1000rpm. The unit injector is placed in a diesel transmission system fully controlled by the computer (replaced by a specific test oil), keeping the oil temperature at a constant value, the camshaft rotating, controlling the injector, detecting performance and accurately analyzing, The test results can be printed.
Test bench software
1. Industrial computer, WINDOWS operating system, floppy disk, CD and 2 USB interfaces.
2. The pump nozzle rapid detection software, including a database, stores the parameters of the pumps already on the market that the user has ordered, and the software can be regularly upgraded.
3. 15-inch color TFT display.
Test bench structure
The test bench frame is made of high-strength steel frame. Hydraulic, electrical parts and electrical circuits are installed at the bottom of the test bench. The whole machine is fully enclosed. On the right side of the test bench is an industrial PC, screen, keyboard and mouse. Swing arm. The motor outputs power directly through the coupling. The special software and computer control the motor, and it has power supply overcurrent protection, undervoltage and overvoltage protection, high temperature protection and overload protection.
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