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Technical idea

Technical idea

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• Independent innovation: We adhere to independent innovation to form long-term core advantages. At the same time, we carry out scientific research cooperation on a global scale, extensively absorb and learn from the latest achievements of the industry, and use it for me to enhance our independent innovation capabilities.
• Classic products: We insist on designing classic products that are loved by customers, welcomed by the market, and have extensive influence.
• Energy conservation and environmental protection: We adhere to energy conservation and environmental protection as the core of product and technology research and development; at the same time, we strive to lead the new energy vehicle market, promote green consumption, make people's car lives healthier, and contribute to the construction of a conservation and environmentally friendly society.
• Safety and Fashion: We pursue product safety and fashion to improve people's quality of life.
• Affordable: We are striving for lower costs while meeting customer needs and ensuring product quality.


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