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Development path

Development path

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In 1925, Francesco Labodi created the first test equipment and got good results, and began mass production in 1926. Since then, fuel test equipment has become the main high-quality product of the Labaodi Group.
Started mass production of common rail test equipment in 1995 and cooperated well with the common rail inventor-"CFR". Since then, we have developed many mature equipment for various research centers and universities.
In 2001, a commercial EUI (UnitInjector) fully automatic test equipment was produced and put on the market.
In 2002, common rail simulation test equipment suitable for all traditional test equipment was produced.
2003 began to mass-produce multi-brand, multi-variety automatic common rail test equipment.
Commercial PLD (Unit Pump) test unit was put into the assembly line in 2004.
Started mass production of multi-brand and multi-variety automatic ejector test equipment in 2005. (Mechanical, Electronic, EUI)

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